The Teen Advisory Council was approached by Big Thought at the beginning of the summer and asked to design and lead an art activity for participants at a series of events connected to the City of Learning initiative. These Turn Ups were held at various locations around Dallas and were designed to foster a city-wide feeling of empowerment and community for under served neighborhoods throughout the metroplex.

Inspired by the Before I Die… project created by Cindy Chang, the TAC members invited visitors at the Turn Ups to respond to the question “My Dallas Is _________” through words and drawings. The result was a series of eight large panels filled with responses ranging from the witty (“Not as country as I thought”) to the poignant (“Outspoken”). Moreover, the panels served as a location for discussion between people from different areas of the city and an opportunity for participants to let their voices be heard.

Additionally, TAC members photographed each of the responses, tagging them with either the location of the Turn Up event or with a place significant to the participant. These images were then shared on Instagram and made searchable on an interactive map. This gave users who were not able to make it to the Turn Ups a chance to be involved with the project and to extend the experience beyond the event. city-of-learningLove-Field-Turn-Up_1-791x1024IMG_0121IMG_0126IMG_0127 IMG_0122


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