UNESCO Calls on Mozilla/HiveNYC Teach the Web Community to Remix Educational Videos

Today a call went out members of the @teachtheweb community to use Mozilla Popcorn – a video editing online tool – to work with existing UNESCO education videos to “improve the videos by adding in more educational information, make them more fun by adding music, videos, graphics or photos, or create your own Popcorn videos from […]

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Spatial Skills and Creativity

Saw a tweet from Daniel Pink  this morning about an NYT article yesterday regarding spatial skills identified as an early sign of creativity.  The article mentions much about math, science, and technology related to spatial skills, but just think about all those artists and designers who have spatial prowess too!

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Hive Network Column in Huff Post for Teen Authors

I just came across a column in the The Huffington Post comprised of articles written by teens involved in the NYC and Chicago Hive Networks. From “On Becoming a Hacker” to “Why the Brooklyn Public Library Changed My Life” the articles here describe teens’ experiences in and outcomes from various Hive Network programs. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tag/hive-learning-network 

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YOUmedia Presentation at ALA

The staff at YOUmedia gave a great tour and presentation at the American Library Association conference last week! Here’s a link to their presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/adriennestrock. The section I thought was really cool is entitled “Teens at the Harold T. Washington Library Center”, which is a snapshot of the survey outlined in the webinar given by Penny […]

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